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Her Universe Unveils Official Course of the Force Apparel

Her Universe Unveils Official Course of the Force Apparel

This year’s Course of the Force is approaching at lightspeed (July 9th to the 16th, doncha know?) and we’re very happy to announce that the event has official apparel merchandise for you to enjoy. Course of the Force has teamed up with Ashley Eckstein’s Her Universe to provide clothing for sale for both men and women at the “conival” events in San Francisco, Santa Monica, Huntington Beach, Oceanside Pier, as well as Eckstein’s own Her Universe booth at San Diego Comic-Con International, which will be the relay’s final spaceport of call. Best part? $5.00 from the sale of each T-shirt and $10.00 from the sale of each sweatshirt will go directly to Make-A-Wish.

COTF shirts

COTF sweat shirts

Artist Russell Walks designed the 2013 look for Course of the Force that’s featured on the merchandise. “Since I began working as an artist with Lucasfilm, a lot of my childhood wishes have come true,” said Walks. “Designing the key art for the Course of the Force relay allowed me, in a very small way, to help some kids realize THEIR dreams, through the Make-A-Wish Foundation, and I consider myself very lucky to have been asked to help.”

As well as being the apparel-provider, Eckstein returns as co-host of COTF with Chris Hardwick. “It’s an honor to return as a co-host and merchandise partner for Course of the Force,” she said. “This is truly a magical and Force-filled event. It was also a pleasure to work with Russell Walks. We are so lucky that he donated his time and talent to create this amazing design!”

As always, if you’d like to take part in this year’s Course of the Force, simply click here to sign up for a quarter-mile leg somewhere between Skywalker Ranch and the San Diego Convention Center. It’ll be a lot of fun, and you’ll get to help make some wishes come true.