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Help Me, Steve Ballmer. You’re My Only Hope

As the old saying goes: with new innovations in controller technology come new ways for games to frustrate the hell out of you when you try to tell them to do something and they don’t and then you die over and over again.

Sure, the Kinect is actually a pretty impressive piece of technology, and it has some pretty fun applications as far as casual gaming goes. But when it comes to hardcore gaming, nothing will ever beat the precision of buttons and sticks…unless, of course, science gives us Futurama-style gaming.

The smarty-pants folk over at MIT have a new application for the Kinect, though: holograms. Before now, holographic transmitters used to require at least 16 cameras and could only transmit at two frames per second. It was the scrambled porn of holograms. With their hack, the team can create a holographic image using only the Kinect’s camera, and can transmit the image over the internet at 15 frames per second (they’re aiming for 30).

The video is below, but doesn’t do much in terms of showing the image in all its 3D glory. It is, however, totally worth watching for the girl dressed up as Princess Leia clearly not enjoying having to read through those lines.

“Can’t I just stand in front of it and wave or something?”
“No. Now, put on the goddamn robe.”

[via Gizmodo]


  1. DarkTatka says:

    “Why are we doing it again?”
    “Because its cool!”
    “You nerds are weird.”