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Help Diani & Devine Get A Theatrical Release For “The Selling”

You heard on the recent Nerdist Podcast with Gabe Diani and Etta Devine that Gabe and Etta are doing a Kickstarter to raise money for a theatrical release for their finished feature film The Selling (co-starring our own The JV Club host Janet Varney! Plus Barry Bostwick, Simon Helberg, Harry Groener, Jocelyn Towne, and many more). The movie’s set for an August 21st release via video-on-demand and on DVD October 23rd, and the idea here is to accompany the release with theatrical screenings in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Virginia, and Chico, CA. (Chico?) That costs money, as do making Digibeta copies with closed captioning for the video-on-demand release, DVD purchases to be sold on Diani and Devine’s website, making other digital versions for download, posters, shipping, and a website refresh.

Soooo…. they need $25,000, and they’re about halfway there with 14 days to go, and with apologies to Brian for stepping on our weekend Pickstarter column’s turf, I thought it would be a good idea to let you know about it here right now as time ticks away. As they discussed on the podcast, this isn’t their first go-round with Kickstarting a project, so they’ve put together a list of premium incentives that range from a commentary track and party invite for a buck to tickets to the San Francisco screening on October 20th to DVDs and signed posters and Gabe’s t-shirt from the movie to a tea party at the La Brea Tar Pits with Gabe and Etta to a tour of director Emily Lou’s family prune and walnut farm in Sutter County (which is near Chico… ah, I see) to a whole industrial film produced and directed by Emily plus a bunch of the other incentives for $10,000. If you’re inclined to help them out, there’s a premium in every price category.

If, indeed, you want to see this happen and get something cool in the bargain, click here and get all the details. But don’t take it from me — here’s Barry Bostwick with a message for you:


  1. Oh, like that’s an excuse!

    (my pleasure!)

  2. Gabe Diani says:

    Thanks, Perry! Etta Devine is from Chico!