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HEARTHSTONE: HEROES OF WARCRAFT Now Available For iPad Worldwide

HEARTHSTONE: HEROES OF WARCRAFT Now Available For iPad Worldwide

After getting a taste of Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft during PAX East, it’s a relief to learn that the iPad version of the card-slinging, deck-building game is now available worldwide. Put away your gold coins; Hearthstone is just as free-to-play as the PC version, and now you can play it wherever you go: at home, at the park, or while you’re waiting in line at the DMV. Hearthstone_on_iPad_2

If you’ve never played Hearthstone, or any strategy card game, the introductory missions will help you battle your opponents using magical cards in the land of Azeroth. You can also stop by to check out some of Blizzard’s new player tips if you’re still feeling a bit “n00bish.” Don’t skip out on playing those missions either; you’ll unlock special card packs.

For those who already play Hearthstone on the PC, you can jump right into the action on your iPads with your decks ready and waiting. In fact, doing so will unlock bonus packs for your many heroes in whatever game mode you play.

Hearthstone_on_iPad_3And while the game is simpler than other card games such as Magic: The Gathering, it’s still far more complex than the Flappy Bird and Candy Crush clones out there. That shouldn’t deter players, though, as Hearthstone has racked up over 10 million players worldwide and its cross-platform capabilities will most likely guarantee that you’ll always have someone to practice against. On top of that, while you can pay to unlock decks, you can get the same goodies without having to spend a pretty penny to match up against opponents with varying skill levels.

You can download Hearthstone for the iPad in the App Store here.


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