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Hear Arcade Fire’s Soundtrack To HER

Hear Arcade Fire’s Soundtrack To HER

Some (sort of) good news popped up on Wednesday morning: Spike Jonze’s Oscar-nominated score for his critically-acclaimed, buzzed-about, intellectually-stimulating, thought-provoking, feature film Her has become available(ish) to the public.

Indiewire published the link yesterday allowing everyone to stream the album, also noting that there is some mystery to this release — whereas most of this year’s Oscar crop are available for purchase, the fate of Her remains unknown. There is no information that I can find related to a release date on iTunes or any other site. Though I’ve been wrong before and in this case, hope someone can prove me wrong again. Please? I want it.

The soundtrack features 13 tracks in total, and if some of it sounds familiar, don’t be alarmed: Win Butler and Owen Pallet composed tracks for Her that ended up being early cuts of their new album Reflektor, which released in late 2013.


  1. Alec says:

    Some Other Place and Morning Talk definitely had traces of Reflektor’s Porno in them.

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