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HBO’s SILICON VALLEY Makes Real Website of Its Own “Pied Piper”

HBO’s SILICON VALLEY Makes Real Website of Its Own “Pied Piper”

On the heels of a season two renewal, HBO’s Silicon Valley is keeping the fun going by taking a website from this current season’s plot, Pied Piper, and making an actual website. It introduces the technology, which Richard (Thomas Middleditch) came up with, but foolishly applied to just music copyright infringement.

As far as faux promotional websites go, this is pretty great, having plenty of purposefully nonsensical technical jargon, pictures of the sweet pad out of which Pied Piper operates, and detailed bios featuring Erlich Bachmann’s (T.J. Miller) B.A. in Ultimate Frisbee or Dinesh Chugtai’s (Kumail Nanjiani) nickname “Wolfgang Amadeus Java”.

Unfortunately, the site isn’t “fully functional,” since it doesn’t showcase the so-called “lossless compression,” but I’d guess this is only the beginning. Maybe they’ll have more optimized shenanigans when the second season of Silicon Valley rolls out.

Screen Shot 2014-04-22 at 12.20.10 PM


  1. Jason says:

    Is JavaScript really the go-to script for on-screen “code” when seen on TV and movies? If it isn’t some sort of made up operating system, it’s blocks of JavaScript… c’mon. It isn’t even Node or Angular… it’s just plain ol’ JavaScript…. Step up your game, Hollywood.