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Harrison Ford Surprises STAR WARS Fans for Omaze ‘Force for Change’ Campaign

How would you like to attend the London or Los Angeles premiere of Star Wars: The Force Awakens? We call that a rhetorical question because of course you’d like the chance to see the movie as early as possible and do so alongside its stars. Charity organization Omaze is providing that opportunity. You can attend the premiere and walk the red carpet and meet the cast in their newest “Force for Change” fundraising campaign. This is already awesome news, but even better? Omaze worked with Harrison Ford to announce the campaign, and guys, he’s charming as hell in this video.

Omaze called up fans who donated to their first Force for Change campaign benefiting UNICEF Innovation Labs and programs (Omaze raised over four million dollars that time) and surprised those fans with a Harrison Ford cameo. The fans’ reactions when they realize they’re talking to Han Solo are priceless. One lady sobs, and I don’t blame her. Seeing Ford this engaged makes me so happy.

As mentioned, the last Omaze Force for Change campaign (remember, that announcement video gave us a look at The Force Awakens’ Abu Dhabi set for the first time) raised money for UNICEF. This time around it’s for fifteen global causes chosen by Kathleen Kennedy, J.J. Abrams, and the cast. They include Make-A-Wish, Feeding America, and fStop Warrior Project among others (the complete list is at

You can enter the giveaway at Omaze. Donations start at ten dollars. That amount will get you 100 chances to go to the premiere and meet the cast. Donation levels go all the way up to $20,000, and in addition to getting entries for the campaign, you’ll also get digital thank you videos, merchandise, and/or collectibles. Omaze will choose two grand prize winners after the campaign ends on December 4.

Will you be donating to this campaign? Let me know in the comments.


Image: Lucasfilm

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