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Hardwatch: Week of November 3rd, 2014

Hardwatch: Week of November 3rd, 2014

Get ready New York City! Our fearless leader is bringing @midnight to the Big Apple this week, and we have all the details on his awesome lineup of guests.

On Monday night, Nikki Glaser, John Mulaney, and Judah Friedlander will take the stage. Jim Gaffigan, Michael Ian Black, and Kyle Kinane will exchange witticisms on Tuesday. Then Wednesday you get to see Bridget Everett, Hari Kondabolu, and Jeffrey Ross. And finally, Artie Lange, Jim Norton and Kurt Metzger will round out what is sure to be an epic week in Manhattan. Make sure you catch all the shenanigans on Comedy Central.

Nerdist Podcast fans will be pumped to hear the awesome group of guests showing up for their earholes this week.  OK Go will be chatting Halloween and more. Tom Bergeron brings back memories of Chris’ appearance on The Hollywood Squares. And six of the seven members of The Birthday Boys get all up on the podcast microphones.

You can also catch Chris on Talking Dead tonight after The Walking Dead. This writer will be glued to the television to see what kind of bloody mess this week’s episode will contain. In case you happened to miss it earlier this week, Hardwick also guested on The Real Housewives of Horror this week alongside Nicholas Brendon. Make sure you round out the wonderful month of Halloween by catch the horror!

As always, you can keep up with Chris on social media channels. It’s pretty simple – he’s Nerdist on Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram.

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  1. Nic says:

    Mr. Hardwick!

    I’m sure this will be read by everyone but Chris, but I thought I’d throw it out there and cross my fingers. (I don’t go near twitter).

    Over the last two years, I lost a home (the only one I’ve ever had), an unborn child, my partner of 2 years, my best (and only) friend, and almost my sanity. I held it in, but like you guys said on the Honestly 2013 podcast, you can’t run from emotional trauma. I had nightmares for over a year, anxiety knocked kicked down my door, and I started lashing out.

    I have two little brothers. Their (my) father fell off the wagon, and their (my) mother’s job is too valuable to lose. The only issue of course is that it’s a 9-5 job that sometimes takes her away for days at a time. So I’ve basically been their guardian for the last year and a half.
    *Which gets me to my point*.

    For many months I’ve thought: “I’m going to message Chris, Jonah or Matt and then “Oh fuck that was three weeks ago!”

    I wanted to let you know how much the podcast has helped me – truly. I know you’ve heard this one before (I’m sure I’ll get shit for this) but I can’t count the times I’ve sunk and then been brought back up the surface by you guys. Even the little throw away bits of advice have helped. I found your Honestly 2013 podcast especially helpful. When you got to the part about Chloe’s “weird pregnancy thing,” and closed it by telling everyone you could get through these things, it brought me up to a place I’ve remained.
    So thank you man.
    It extends to Jonah and Matt as well.

    I’m working on weekends and trying to stay creative (in the brief intervals). I’m hanging on and staying hopeful. I also ordered your book a few days ago. I may not be in this position for much longer, so right now I’m really trying to put the pieces back together and build a life for myself. I’m sure your book will be a great help
    Here’s hoping you get this.

     All the best.