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Happy Birthday, DOCTOR WHO’s Peter Capaldi!

Happy Birthday, DOCTOR WHO’s Peter Capaldi!

While we can currently only guess at how awesome a Doctor Peter Capaldi will undoubtedly be, we do want to wish him an incredible – dare we say other-worldly? – birthday?

The extremely talented team over at Doctor Puppet has used some of Capaldi’s own Doctor Who fan art to create a lovely video birthday card for the Twelfth Doctor.

Want to help spread the birthday love? Share Doctor Puppet’s video birthday card through time and space (or, y’know, Twitter and Facebook) with this link.

Happy birthday, Mr. Capaldi!


  1. Wolfy says:

    Happy Birthday Peter Capaldi!

  2. gridsleep says:

    Holy, as they say, shee-it. All that other talent and he is this good an artist? Frakking ‘ell, the new season’s going to be a bumpy ride! Release the hounds!