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Happy 50th Birthday, STREET FIGHTER’s Ryu!

Happy 50th Birthday, STREET FIGHTER’s Ryu!

You know who looks great for his age? Street Fighter‘s Ryu, who just turned 50 today.

That’s according to his very detailed character card from 1987’s Street Fighter, which places the Japanese World Warrior’s birth date at July 21, 1964. He’s appeared in every Street Fighter sequel released since then, and his journey down the martial arts path has formed the backbone for much of the series (as well as his rivalry with karate bro Ken Masters).

Also, can we talk about how incredibly grim this card makes Ryu’s life out to be: he’s homeless, friendless, and has no family, just bouncing around the globe and getting into fights. That’s not a world-class martial artist, that’s a hobo with anger issues. More importantly, where does he clean his gi? Where, I ask you?

You can see Ryu Hadouken-ing his way through the recently-released Ultra Street Fighter IV, which is possibly-maybe the final update to the six-year-old fighting game. Last month, Capcom reps said that there were plans underway to develop Street Fighter V, but offered nothing concrete about the sequel.


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