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HALO Confirmed To Appear at E3 In June

HALO Confirmed To Appear at E3 In June

Get your Overshields powered up, ladies and gentlemen: We just got confirmation that Halo will be present at E3 this June. The news broke on Twitter, when Microsoft Studios’ Vice President, Phil Spencer, was asked about the next Halo game and responded with the following:

So we know Halo will certainly be at E3, but there’s still a ton of speculation as to what exactly will be unveiled. There’s a chance that we’ll finally be receiving clarification on that frequently rumored Halo 2 Anniversary game that’s supposed to hit the Xbox One. Then there’s the more likely occurrence, which is us getting a more fleshed out look at the previously revealed, newHalogame. Regardless, this is quite the exciting news, and just in time for Cortana making her way to Windows mobile devices.

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