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“Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn” Is Here

Oh hello, Halo! At long last our dreams of a moviefied Master Chief are coming true – and we don’t even have to pay $20 and watch it through Real-D glasses, because it’s totally free on Machinima Prime. Yes, you have to watch it in installments, but that’s also kind of awesomely old-school: like with the next-gen equivalent of the adventure serials that inspired George Lucas and Steven Spielberg back in the day, the cliffhangers will keep you coming back.

And there’s even more to celebrate – to tie in with the debut of Forward Unto Dawn, Nerdist News is giving away a massive McFarlane Toys haul of Halo 4 stuff, including an autographed boxed set signed by Todd himself. If you’re a true fan, make a Covenant with yourself that this won’t slip through your fingers, and make your collection Elite. To maximize your odds, you can even hit up Nerdist News’ Facebook, Twitter and Google+ pages and score bonus entries. No need to grunt – we’ve already done the heavy lifting.


  1. Taylor M. says:

    This is very well done. Effects are better than some network TV shows (cough…Terra Nova…cough). Really looking forward to the next installment, brings back the feeling I got from reading the Halo novels.