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Guillermo del Toro Talks “Pacific Rim” on “Hero Complex”

Why, yes, you DO want to hear Guillermo del Toro talk about Pacific Rim. And the place to find just that is at the Nerdist Channel’s Hero Complex: The Show, on which the L.A. Times’ Geoff Boucher once again comes through with an A-list guest, talking to the director at San Diego Comic-Con International about his next blockbuster. Robots! Aliens! Yeah, this one, you gotta watch.

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Oh, one more thing: In the interest of full disclosure, Pacific Rim is a Legendary Pictures production, and Nerdist Industries is now part of that company, too. But we remain editorially independent. All right, then.


  1. onReload says:

    Thanks for being honest about the “editorially independent” thing. Always wonderful to see writers clear the air like that.