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Guillermo del Toro Brings CRIMSON PEAK to Fantastic Fest

Huge surprises abound at Fantastic Fest, be they advertised or not. There’s always that one movie you didn’t expect to be great that turned out to be amazing, or one you weren’t intending to see but lucked out. That’s the joy of film festivals, and one of Fantastic Fest’s biggest joys is the annual “Secret Screening,” where something truly awesome and highly anticipated gets shown to people who have no idea what it’ll be. This year’s secret screening was none other than Guillermo del Toro‘s Crimson Peak

Our own Clarke Wolfe sat down with the Pan’s Labyrinth and Pacific Rim director about the decision to bring Crimson Peak to Fantastic Fest, as well as his belief that “emotion is the new punk,” meaning not everything needs to be ironic. Not a bad way to look at the world, especially for a period-set gothic romance.

Crimson Peak hits theaters on October 16. Get scared now.

Nerdist is the official media sponsor for Fantastic Fest 2015. Stay tuned for interviews, reviews, behind-the-scenes, and special guests from September 24 – October 1, right here on Nerdist.

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Image: Clarke Wolfe

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