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GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY’S Star-Lord Designs His Helmet in MacPaint

GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY’S Star-Lord Designs His Helmet in MacPaint

Peter Quill is a child of the ’80s. His ship, The Milano, is named after his crush Alyssa Milano (yeah, Who’s the Boss? started airing in 1984), and he drops dated references his pals in Guardians of the Galaxy don’t understand. Of course, that’s partially because they’re not from Earth. Anyway, the stories of the 1980s influenced who Quill is decades later, and YouTuber Matthew Pearce latched onto that idea in a recent video.

Pearce imagined how Quill would design his Star-Lord mask and came up with a reasonable theory: he’d use a 1984 Macintosh and MacPaint to get the job done. The bitmap-based graphics program had limited tools, but back in 1984, it changed the game. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn Star-Lord had a Mac tucked away on his ship somewhere for the sake of nostalgia. If he developed his helmet in MacPaint, it might look like this:

I’d buy a print of the finished image.

Curious about how the speedpaint was accomplished? Pearce also shared a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the image. The starship background was added with After Effects, and yes, Pearce really used a Mac and MacPaint to create the helmet. He says it’s not that difficult to use if you’re familiar with Photoshop. I’m not sure if I believe him.

Star-Lord’s helmet isn’t the only comic book costume piece Pearce has tackled – he’s done a MacPaint speedpaint of Iron Man’s bucket too. There’s no Awesome Mix tape in this one, but Pearce plays rock music in the background and pours a glass of whiskey before getting started.

Who else has a hankering to track down a 1984 Macintosh and play with MacPaint?