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GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Awesome Mix Tape Dance Party Headed to a Disney Theme Park

GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Awesome Mix Tape Dance Party Headed to a Disney Theme Park

Marvel has brought their heroes to Disneyland for meet and greets, and now they’re taking Guardians of the Galaxy to Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Orlando. Star-Lord and Gamora will appear in the special “Villains Unleashed” event happening this Saturday, August 23rd. Yes, tickets are still available.

You may be wondering why the Guardians are being thrown into an event with villains, but don’t worry. The Disney villains have stolen Peter Quill’s beloved Awesome Mix, Vol. 1, and Star-Lord and Gamora are coming to Earth on a mission to get it back. The music from the oh so wonderful Awesome Mix will also be highlighted in an “Awesome Mix Tape Dance Party” happening during the event from 8:00pm-12:45am. There will be a DJ from Knowhere, surprises, and probably an appearance from Star-Lord and Gamora. Maybe Gamora will even dance.


“Villains Unleashed” merch and food, image via Disney

Tickets for the “Villains Unleashed” event are $67. All the evil fun kicks off at 7:00pm, and the villains more or less take over the entire park. Disney baddies from Aurra Sing to Prince John to Captain Hook will be wandering Hollywood Studios while Captain Gantu and Emperor Palpatine will be stationary for meet and greets. There will be themed food and cocktails and limited edition merchandise.

Besides the Guardians of the Galaxy “Awesome Mix Tape Dance Party”, the park will have a special villains themed fireworks show and a hangout with Hades. Get all the details at Disney’s website and start practicing your pelvic sorcery dance moves.

HT: Disney Parks Blog