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Greg Behrendt Reigns on “Write Now! with Jimmy Pardo”

This week on the season finale of Nerdist Channel’s Write Now! with Jimmy Pardo, my old friend Greg Behrendt does his standup while Gary Lucy, Frank Sebastiano, and Danielle Koenig write jokes for Jimmy. You know Greg from Walking the Room, from his standup album Uncool, from his Comedy Central specials Mantastic and That Guy From That Thing, from his syndicated TV show, from his sweaters… oh, yeah, he wrote some books, too. (True Fact: Jimmy co-starred on Greg’s great lost Comedy Central pilot The Lemur while I stood nearby as Guy Who’s There In Case Someone Has A Question About Radio but Mostly Just Stares At The Red Vines on the Craft Services Table. Brush with greatness! Also, if someone starts a Six Degrees of Jimmy Pardo, I’m golden)

Watch, then listen to Never Not Funny for more Pardo.

Help Greg’s band the Reigning Monarchs make a record, tour, and make a documentary about it by clicking here. And listen to Greg and Dave Anthony’s podcuddle Walking the Room.

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  1. droid rage says:

    Wow, such a strong ending to a great first season. I hope they’re filming a second season now, I can’t wait to see more of these. Can we vote for one of the writers to get Center Square status? I’d vote for Lucy. No, wait, Koenig. Hang on, I’m forgetting Kilmartin….