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Green Up! 3 Minutes Of Gameplay Footage From SOCOM’s Spiritual Successor H-HOUR

If you were dedicated enough to purchase a network adapter back in the days of the PlayStation 2, then you probably remember a little military shooter series by the name of Socom: US Navy Seals. Words cannot explain how paramount this franchise was to online gaming being integrated into the PlayStation platform, and several of the masterminds behind the first two games have reassembled under the development establishment known as SOF Studios to recreate the PlayStation 2 magic.

H-Hour is the spiritual successor to Socom 2 and was successfully funded on Kickstarter back in July of last year. The video down below gives us a look at the progress SOF Studios has made thus far on the game, so go ahead and quick-snipe that play button right now:

Devout Socomers like myself have been pleading for a Socom 2 HD remake for eons, and judging by the looks of this gameplay, we’re going to be receiving exactly what we’ve been asking for, with lovely next-gen capabilities sprinkled on top.

Did you get in on the Socom action back in the days of PlayStation 2? If so, tell us what you think about this gameplay footage in the comments below.

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  1. Jez says:

    groundedGeek, I have good news for you.
    H-Hour * IS * a spiritual successor to Socom 2, so no-respawn / one-lifer rounds is the whole idea behind this game.
    Respawn might be there as “warm up”, just like back in the days.

    Welcome over to

  2. groundedGeek says:

    SOCOM was my addiction when it first came out. It introduced me to clan-based interaction and I miss it terribly. Back in the early days of SOCOM, there was no respawn and therefore very little wild unfiltered run-and-gun gameplay, you had to play strategically and could actually implement teamwork. The games were quick and then you started again. If you were killed, you sat out and waited for the next round. It was fantastic and I miss it terribly.

    This will likely have adopted the current trend towards all-respawn, but I hope there are some modes where you can really do some fun strategic gameplay 8v8 quick games. And we can see who’s still got it 🙂

  3. alky138 says:

    Best news ever…