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Grant Morrison and Frazer Irving’s Annihilator Cover Debut

Grant Morrison is everywhere these days. From wrapping up Batman Incorporated and kicking off Wonder Woman: Earth One to the Eastern epic 18 Days, the writer can’t seem to stop working. Today sees the debut of Frazer Irving’s cover for Morrison’s latest for Legendary Comics, Annihilator #1.

The book follows the tale of screenwriter Ray Spass, a man fighting a brain tumor as he tries to iron out one last big studio movie, Annihilator. But, in a move that would make Charlie Kaufman proud, Ray’s creations take on a life of there own when Ray’s protagonist, Max Nomax, show’s up in real life with no memory. With Ray’s tumor holding the key, Max and Ray set out to stop the evil Vada and their chief assassin Jet Makro before he stops them, and the only way to do that is to get the secrets locked in his head onto the page and back inside Max’s mind.

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Annilhator Cover

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