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GRAND THEFT AUTO V Makes it Tough to be a Pacifist

Introspective video game documentarian GoldVision has taken it upon himself to see if one could truly follow the path of the pacifist in the angry, violent, hedonistic streets of Grand Theft Auto V‘s Los Santos. What followed is a series of YouTube videos that deliver some of the best dry humor I’ve heard in quite a long time.

GTA Pacifist chronicles the trials and tribulations of GoldVision’s character, Francisco, as he struggles to keep to a life of peace and harmony while being dragged further and further into a life of darkness, all the while holding onto an unwavering optimism.

GoldVision’s intro video (up at the top) offers the concept of experimenting with Grand Theft Auto as a stylized microcosm for the terrors of humanity in real life, and it actually is difficult to tell if that is something he truly believes or not. It only takes another video or two to catch the comedy gold that is sewed throughout his dry delivery to know the satirical genius at work. Speaking through the lens of Francisco, GoldVision offers a character who is painfully naive of the world around him. As he assumes a man who clearly failed at trying to run him over was simply unfamiliar with working a vehicle, and leading the pursuing police cars to a crime scene that requires their help, the bar is set for just how unfit Francisco is for his adventure.

GTA Pacifist currently has two seasons worth of videos to watch, so do yourself a favor and go binge watch all of it and hope that Francisco can remain pure while blindly agreeing to strong-arm rob stores without a gun.

Let us know what you think of the videos below, and be sure to let GoldVision know as well.

HT: Laughing Squid

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