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Grab Your Bows And Arrows, TOWERFALL ASCENSION Hits March 11

Grab Your Bows And Arrows, TOWERFALL ASCENSION Hits March 11

The be-all and end-all of killer apps for the Android-based platform, Ouya, and arguably one of the most fun local multiplayer games of the past year, Towerfall Ascension, has just received its next-gen arrival date. The game will be heading to the PlayStation 4 with all of its improvements and tweaks to the original, on March 11, 2014.

TFAAscension is said to be a vast improvement over the original Towerfall, adding everything from 50 new stages, additional environmental booby traps, several brand new power-ups to expand on the amount ways to dispatch your opponents. There’s also the cooperative play-based Quest Mode, which pits you and a friend against waves of enemies spawning from different portals.

Towerfall has been an office favorite around Nerdist Industries for quite some time, so we’re pretty excited that folks who didn’t get to experience this sleeper hit on the Ouya now get a shot at it with the PS4. No word on when the PC version will be hitting yet, and the March 11 date is strictly for the United States, with Europe’s release date following shortly after.

HT: PlayStation Blog