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GOTHAM Adds DEXTER’s David Zayas for Gangster Sal Maroni

GOTHAM Adds DEXTER’s David Zayas for Gangster Sal Maroni

Gotham just added another gangster to throw some trouble Jim Gordon’s way: Dexter actor David Zayas has joined the cast as Salvatore Maroni.

Deadline reports that the actor has signed on for a recurring role in Gotham where he’ll be making his own criminal moves against rival Carmine Falcone (John Doman).

The addition of Zayas isn’t a bad move at all for Fox, who’ll helpfully let the charismatic actor do his thing. He played Miami cop Angel Batista throughout Dexter‘s run, and was also featured in the HBO series Oz as one of the many, many horrible people who successfully made us all even more terrified of prison.

In early versions of the Batman comics, Maroni was the one who disfigured Harvey Dent, using his time on the stand to throw acid in the troubled District Attorney’s face and thus unleashing his Two-Face alter ego. Modern comics readers probably remember the character better from Batman: The Long Halloween, when the rivalry between his father Lou Maroni and Falcone spilled out into the streets. Both were convinced that the other was responsible for the Holiday killer knocking off Gotham’s gangsters. When the elder Maroni was iced by Holiday, Sal pretended to turn state’s witness, and yadda yadda yadda, ended up throwing acid in Harvey Dent’s face (The Long Halloween is a weird book).

It’s at this point that I wonder how Gotham will handle the tricky intricacies of having some of these characters introduced 20 or so years before their interactions with Batman and the colorful villains that surround him. Also, would the inclusion of Maroni mean the showrunners are possibly thinking about adding a young Harvey Dent at some point?

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