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Goodbye Harvey

Goodbye Harvey

Art by Joseph Remnant.

Renowned comic writer and beloved curmudgeon Harvey Pekar passed away earlier this week.  His insight into the human condition touched thousands of readers and inspired brilliant artists, including Robert Crumb, Frank Stack and Gary Dumm.

Even in death, Pekar continues to inspire pieces like the one above, a collaboration between The Daily Cross Hatch editor Brian Heater and Pekar Project artist Joseph Remnant.  Heater explained,

I gave [Remnant] the words (borrowed, naturally, from the master), and he came back with an image this afternoon that far exceeded what I had haphazardly sketched out in my mind.

Pekar left us with a the magnificent American Splendor series (along with several unfinished works that may or may not be released) and a throng of bleary-eyed fans including myself, coming to terms with a great loss.

So, see you Harvey.  You don’t seem like one for long goodbyes, but here’s hoping you know how important you were as the unimportant everyman.

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  1. I just watched American Splendor thanks to netflix. He was a great cynical writer on par with Mark Twain even, with just a slightly different medium.

  2. Matthew Burnside says:

    First, woah! Alison Agosti is on nerdist now too! I frequent your blog often. Bit of a fan.

    Second, I grew up outside Cleveland and loved Pekar. My dad made me a fan at too young of an age I’m sure. Very sad to see him go.