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GODZILLA Poster Revealed

GODZILLA Poster Revealed

It’s here! The Godzilla poster, just released, gives us our best look yet at The King of Monsters, hitting theaters May 16. He makes San Francisco look more like Small Francisco, am I right? Like a third grader towering over a LEGO city, this incarnation of Awesome Kaiju looks literally awesome: this thing is big. Starring Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Elizabeth Olsen, Everyone’s Favorite Bryan Cranston, and Ken Watanabe, Director Gareth Edwards’ Godzilla looks to be pretty epic.

Godzilla Poster

You can watch the trailer here. But that’s not all, if you just can’t wait until May, A graphic novel is in the works….


  1. Y’all had me at Ken Watanabe. But Day-Yam that’s one impressive Gojira!

  2. Fartbooty says:

    It’s pronounced Gojira

  3. Micah Marlowe says:

    I hope he looks more like the original this time!