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GODZILLA Makers Hope to Explore More Monsters

GODZILLA Makers Hope to Explore More Monsters

Thursday at Hollywood’s newly-renovated TCL Chinese Theater, Gareth Edwards’ Godzilla was screened for a group of a hundred or so members of the press and online media, yours truly included. While I can’t yet give you a full review of the film (embargoed until the 11th), I can tell you it’s certainly the film fans have been waiting for, and repairs all of the damage done by 1998’s Roland Emmerich debacle.

After the screening, the largely satisfied spectators were treated to a short Q&A with Edwards and producer Thomas Tull, moderated by our own Jessica Chobot. Some of the more interesting points came toward the end when questions came in regarding the rest of the Toho monsters and the future for the characters.

Tull wasn’t incredibly forthcoming with information on whether we’d see monsters such as Barugon or Ghidorah in the future, but he certainly didn’t deny it’s a possibility. “We have a bit of a rule,” Tull said. “We can’t talk about anything else until this comes out and works. It’s a little superstition I have.” He did give fans a little bit of hope, though: “All I can say is, we’re passionate fans of the universe and of Godzilla and those other monsters, so if this comes out and works well, we’ll go from there.”

There was also a question as to which major studio would/could distribute any future films. Godzilla was made by Legendary Pictures and comes out under the Warner Bros. banner, but as you may remember, Legendary has since paired with Universal for upcoming projects.

“First of all, I’m not even going to think about that [sequels] until the movie comes out,” Tull hastened to point out, but then added, “We made this movie with Warner Bros., but we’ll have to see for the future. They’re high class problems, but right now we’re just trying to get to May 16th.”

Read my review of Godzilla here next week.