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Go Behind the Scenes with a New THE RAID 2 Featurette & Poster

Go Behind the Scenes with a New THE RAID 2 Featurette & Poster

Rejoice, action fans. The Raid 2: Berandal has just released a new poster and featurette for your viewing pleasure. While the poster shows the expanded cast of characters splattered in blood, the featurette dives behind the scenes to take a closer look at the long anticipated sequel to the incredible first Raid film. (Watch the first trailer here.)

If you’re worried about being spoiled, consider this: The Raid 2 is nearly two and a half hours long. That’s two and a half hours of jaw-dropping martial arts sequences, bloody battles, broken bones, and general badassery. At ten minutes, The Raid 2 featurette is long — but nowhere near long enough to fully reveal the film’s epic story.

In this behind-the-scenes video, writer/director Gareth Evans teases the new story that continues immediately after the first film. Take a look at some of the fight choreography, special effects, and new characters in The Raid 2… if you dare.

The Raid 2 premiered at Sundance back in January, but we’ll finally have a chance to see the violent bloodbath for ourselves on March 28, 2014. If you haven’t seen the first film, The Raid: Redemption, now is the time!