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Gillian Jacobs Lands Recurring Role on Upcoming Season of HBO’s GIRLS

Gillian Jacobs Lands Recurring Role on Upcoming Season of HBO’s GIRLS

Though Community was recently cancelled by NBC, Britta Perry fans will still get to see Gillian Jacobs in plenty of other shows and projects. Even before receiving the cancellations news, Jacobs has been keeping herself more than busy. She’s hopped from several movie projects, including Life Partners, which will open OutFest, Walk of Shame, and Hot Tub Time Machine 2. On top all of that, Gillian has now taken on a recurring role on the next season of HBO’s Girls.

Exactly how she’ll play into the lives of the girls in Girls has yet to be announced. However, the name of Jacobs’ character will be Mimi-Rose Howard. In fact, the first episode she will be in is titled “Mimi-Rose”, which should be a nice start to her character arc on the show. Girls‘ creator and star Lena Dunham confirmed Jacobs’ addition the cast yesterday in a tweet:

Jacobs will actually be the second member of Community to guest star on Girls, since Donald Glover had a guest starring in two episodes in a role last year. If Lena Dunham wanted, she could have more Community cast members make an appearance on Girls with the new free time they might have on their hands. Alison Brie is now wrapping up her role on Mad Men soon and it appears that Joel McHale will not be taking over The Late Late Show from Craig Ferguson next year, so they could have a window of time where this could indeed happen. 

HT: TV Line