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Giant Mech Celebrates Geek Week

As you surely know, last week was YouTube’s Geek Week, in which we and a number of other channels made and released content pertaining specifically to geek culture. It’s possible nothing was quite as geeky as what the Stan Winston School did, which was to build a nine-foot nine-inch tall, man-powered mech robot, then take it for a walk out on Hollywood Blvd. (We showed you the making of the robot in Tuesday’s Geek Week post.) Hollywood Blvd. is already the home of craziness and costumes, so seeing a huge robot there isn’t that out of the ordinary, but very rarely are any of them this awesome. And hearing it act friendly with the guy dressed as Iron Man, only to then threaten him with death, is pretty fantastic.

To see more about how the robot was built, and to see him interact with Adam Savage, Stan Lee, and a little girl at Comic-Con, check out their playlist. What would you like to see while out walking around? And do you have any suggestions for next year’s Geek Week? Let us known the comments below.