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Giant Building-Block Dalek!!!

The British company Character Building, the people who make the Not-LEGO Doctor Who sets, unveiled a massive, 157,000-piece Dalek at this year’s Toy Fair, and they were cool enough to release a time-lapse video of the thing being built. You can watch in two minutes what it took four people nearly two full weeks to build. Well done, people. Well friggin’ done.

-Kanderson’s TWITTER


  1. Dave says:

    All I could think while I watched it was that I hoped they measured the doorframe to make sure they could get it out once constructed (there is probably an alternative exit, but it does look like it was built in a storeroom).

  2. Gary Bravender says:

    Unbelievable!, Now can they make me a life size Rose Tyler or Martha Jones?

  3. Sam says:

    That is so cool, the lego whisk looks extra deadly