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Giant Bowling Ball Slingshot Somehow Exceeds Giant Expectations

Here are three words to make your inner child all tingly with glee: bowling ball slingshot.

And yes, an honest-to-goodness bowling ball slingshot is just as awesome and powerful as you’d imagine. We know because the man behind The Slingshot Channel, Jörg Sprave (who lays claim to the absolute greatest voice in the world), built one to celebrate reaching one million YouTube subscribers. It is as amazing and silly as you’d imagine.

Sprave built the two-meter long, adjustable contraption by himself over just two days. After a slight modification to a stronger pouch, one actually capable of holding up when fired, he was able to shoot an 11-pound bowling ball 24 meters per second. Check out the video, via Gizmodo, above.

But why stop there? Sure, you can absolutely obliterate a cinder block by firing one of these de facto cannon balls, but what about destruction for the sake of destruction? Like a watermelon, for example, or some pumpkins, or even a head of cabbage? No worries. He shot all of those too (meaning we also got to hear his great laugh numerous times).

This isn’t the first time we’ve marveled at something Sprave has built. We told you before about the giant ping pong ball gun he once made for a game show—another fantastic piece of silly ingenuity. But man, a bowling ball slingshot is like something we thought up at age nine after eating too much candy… only way better.

What else would you like to see him fire with this machine? What other absurd slingshot should he build? Tell us what you think in our comments below.

Images: Jörg Sprave

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