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Ghostbusters! Dark Phoenix! Harley Quinns! Cosplay Galore at Long Beach Comic Expo 2014

Ghostbusters! Dark Phoenix! Harley Quinns! Cosplay Galore at Long Beach Comic Expo 2014

Last weekend the annual Long Beach Comic Expo hit the Long Beach Convention Center, offering the usual explosion of pop culture and comic book love and kicking off the summer convention season in Southern California. Maybe I’m biased from living here, but when it comes to cosplay I’m definitely of the opinion that there just ain’t no comic convention like a SoCal comic convention. That’s due in part to so many skilled craftsmen and artisans from the entertainment industry living in this part of the world. But I’d also like to think that, as Katy Perry says, “There must be something in the water.” And that’s the last time you will hear me quote Katy Perry when discussing a comic convention.

Anyway, this year’s Long Beach Comic Expo (the little brother to the larger Long Beach Comic Con held at the same venue every autumn) welcomed comics greats Gerry Conway (author of the original “Death of Gwen Stacy” Spider-Man storyline), Marv Wolfman (co-creator of the New Teen Titans), and, fresh from his cameo role as a U.S. senator in X-Men: Days of Future Past, our own Len Wein (who, in addition to being a Nerdist podcaster extraordinaire, is the creator of Wolverine and Swamp Thing).

Of course the highlight for many was the generous helping of cosplay art on view. The ever popular Harley Quinn was especially hot this year, and several different Harleys can be seen in the gallery below. Along with an infamously creepy set of twins, one of the best Dark Phoenix cosplayers I’ve ever seen, and a steampunk chap sporting customized retractable pneumatic wings. Very nice.

Those planning to attend next year’s Long Beach Comic Expo should know the organizers have told me they’re moving the con’s date to February, a short but unforgiving month that could stand some fun and a splash of color — even in the Land of Always Summer. See you there!


  1. Kristin says:

    Is it possible to either have a scroll down gallery on one page or a standard picture gallery for pages like this? It’s no fun to click through to all of them, especially on mobile. 

  2. M Nelson says:

    Guys, please photo galleries aren’t hard to code. Lightbox is commonly used and works pretty seamlessly. It’s getting tiring having to click each individual photo into a new tab.

  3. I saw the Ghostbusters group at WonderCon. Really good job on the costumes. FYI, Nerdist code peeps: Look into LightBox. K thx bye. :)