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Get Your Burn Card Ready in TITANFALL: DROPOUTS

Get Your Burn Card Ready in TITANFALL: DROPOUTS

Titanfall for Xbox One came out a week ago and we’ve already got a comedy webseries about it. Long live the Internet! Machinima‘s Titanfall: Dropouts tells the story of Gif and Dex, two engineers who ineptly attempt to assist Titan pilots handle tech issues as they battle on alien worlds. Did I say “ineptly?” I meant “horribly ineptly.” Just watch as they, in their first misadventure, forget to turn on the Titan’s landing rockets:

Good rule of thumb, Titanfall players; if you don’t want your Titan operating in DOS, you’ll need a burn card.

The series is co-written by Woody Tondorf and Dan Martin from G4’s Code Monkeys and is edited and directed by Jon Beswick. Tondorf also stars in the series as Gif and Dexter Manning, Monica Howe, and Ryan “Fwiz” Wyatt play Dex, Maria, and Pilot Gibbons, respectively. New episodes will premiere every Tuesday until all the Titans explode. Check Machinima for all the further customer service chicanery of Titanfall: Dropouts.