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Get Your Brain Drunk with “Shots of Awe”

BrainSerial thinker Jason Silva spends a lot of time exploring the excitement of the universe around us and speculating on where we might go next. He’s been giving talks and making short films about the awesomeness around us for a number of years and is the host of National Geographic Channel’s Brain Games, which explores our own mind and why it behaves the way it does in certain situations. He and the show have just been nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award, even!

Silva is eager to share his bits of intellectual inspiration with everyone, and in this vein, his frenetic, visually-stimulating monologue series Shots of Awe comes in. Each is a bite-sized snippet of information and theory designed to get your synapses firing as you start your day. There are about 15 such videos up on his channel, with more coming every week, so subscribe if you’d like to continue to think about the singularity, space travel, creativity, heroism, and life in general. It’s a double espresso to the cerebral cortex.

For more of Jason Silva, check out our interview with him from before the Brain Games premiere.