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Get Your Blood Pumping With The First Trailer For NBC’s State of Affairs

Get Your Blood Pumping With The First Trailer For NBC’s State of Affairs

When this past season’s crop of new shows was announced last May, few could have guessed the hands down winner in the race for viewership would have been Jon Bokenkamp’s James Spader-starring action series, The Blacklist. Red Reddington took the world by storm in spectacular fashion and did the impossible, made NBC a major player once again. Now, with a year under the show’s belt and a confirmed pick-up for season two, NBC is looking to every member of Blacklist’s production team with whom to develop new series; enter director Joe Carnahan.

A major player in The Blacklist’s development following its pilot, NBC was quick to nab the Narc director for a new series (of which he’s also a co-writer): the Katherine Heigl starring State of Affairs, and today we can get our first glimpse of the series in a brand new trailer:

Now this just looks like all levels of badass, not to mention it’s got a nice bit of Zero Dark Thirty-ness to it, and there ain’t nothin’ wrong with that. Does anyone else really want to see the full bit of that action sequence they keep flashing back to? We know we do. Hope the series is just half as exciting as that chase sequence between Heigl and government security looks.

More of that, please, television. We need a lot more of this, and a lot less of “world without power.”

Are you guys excited for State of Affairs? Let us know in the comments below.