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Get STUNTED with Nerdist and PERIODS. Films’ Newest Series

Get STUNTED with Nerdist and PERIODS. Films’ Newest Series

Despite how it may come across when your favorite Hollywood stars dive through a plate glass window as a helicopter crashes into a high rise building then causes a massive explosion, they’re not the ones actually making those death-defying (and logic-defying) leaps. They have stunt people for that.

Stunt people are the true superheroes of the film world, but many of them have to hustle and grind just as hard as the rest of us to make ends meet. A brand new web series from the Nerdist Channel and Nerdist Alliance partner PERIODS. Films, Stunted, is the epic ballad of Phil Green the Stunt Machine, an amateur stuntman who happens to have one massive problem. He’s way taller than your average A-lister. Check out the trailer below to get a little taste of what you’re in for when episodes 1 and 2 drop on Monday, January 20th:

What do you think? Will you be tuning in to Stunted? Let us know in the comments below.


  1. Linda E. Blois says:

    Won’t be able to sleep until Monday. I am easily excitable…exciteable…exited. Dammit! I am easily amused.

  2. gallifreylives says:

    awwww yiiisssssss

  3. stacy p says:

    omg hilarious, anyone else feel bad for the big guy???

  4. rick says: