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Get Sloshed Like A Viper Jock*!

Reasons why Quantum Mechanix continue to be the greatest purveyors of nerd-morabilia in the galaxy – #5,623:

I love my t-shirts and my action figures and I can indulge in a little ooh-ah over pricey spaceship models, but really, I adore ultra-geeky prop replicas. This insanely awesome replica of the Battlestar Galactica Top Gun stein prized by Galactica’s top dog Viper pilots now has a waiting list available, prior to the upcoming pre-order period. A back-up version of the actual stein from the show sold in Propworx’s second BSG auction for over $4,000, but this outstandingly detailed bad boy can be yours — because QMX are the best, they are my favorites — for a mere $59.95. BARGAIN.

Don’t fool yourself that you’re not buying it; Use that energy to start debating just what you’ll drink out of it. If you’re cool enough to drink out of it.  (Starbuck disdains you if you’re not):

* NOTE: We would like to remind you to drink responsibly, and not to get behind the wheel or behind a Viper throttle while intoxicated. KTHX.