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Get Ready To Plug Back Into THE MATRIX… Plus, A JUPITER ASCENDING Trailer

Get Ready To Plug Back Into THE MATRIX… Plus, A JUPITER ASCENDING Trailer

Last December, we got our first look at the latest sci-fi epic from Lana and Andy Wachowski, Jupiter Ascending, but things have been rather quiet since then for Hollywood’s sci-fi masters. Well, that’s all about to change with two juicy tidbits, one of which will shock you.

First off, the fine folks at Latino-Review are reporting that the directing duo is currently working on a new set of outlines for a proposed sequel trilogy to, wait for it, The Matrix. Yup, that’s right, with Harry Potter over, Disney making fast headway with Star Wars, and the MCU and Fox hard at work on a new set of Avatar films, Warner Brothers is looking for an additional franchise to add to their lineup of DC characters. According to Latino-Review, “we’ve been told that the Wachowskis have already started the writing process with early treatments and outlines already turned into the studio. No word if they will want to direct but my money says ‘Claro que Si!.’”

Now, that is some major news. A new Matrix trilogy (which could very well lead to expanded universe material like a TV show [similar to what’s currently happening with Terminator]), just… wow.

But we’re not done.

Because the internet loves you and your Wachowski fandom so much, it’s also brought along a brand new Japanese trailer for the upcoming Jupiter Ascending. Check it out:

That’s the Wachowski action we know and love. Grand sci-fi, slick and striking character design, what appears to be fantastic world building… this movie needs to get here faster.

Between this, that Matrix rumor, and their upcoming Netflix series Sense8 (currently slated for a 2014 release), it would appear Andy and Lana are currently firing on all cylinders again, and that’s good for everybody.