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Get Fresh Looks At New Fox Series Gotham, Gracepoint and More

Get Fresh Looks At New Fox Series Gotham, Gracepoint and More

What, you thought a scheduling announcement was all we had for you, Internet? Come on, you know us better than that. You know we believe wholeheartedly in the “pics or it didn’t happen” rule, and because of that, we bring you new photos of some of Fox’s most highly anticipated new shows:

Gotham is cool and all, especially that one image at the lake with Gordon and baby Penguin, and also that Jada Pinkett Smith snap is something lovely but, by my stars, is that the Doctor himself, David Tennant, in his new series, Gracepoint? Why yes, yes it is. WOOHOO!

A lot of this looks really good, some of it flat out insane – looking at you, Hieroglyph – but can we spend a moment on Forte in The Last Man on Earth? Those are some very creepy, very telling pictures about how hard of a comedy premise that show is going to be to pull off. But we’ll tell you this, Lord and Miller (22 Jump Street, The Lego Movie) directed the pilot, and considering the duo also directed the pilot of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, we’d say this Forte show is definitely one we all need to keep an eye on for next year.

Fox has a lot of fascinating and heavy hitting stuff going into the new season, and these photos are really working double time to sell us on all of it. Now we just have to wait for all those pesky trailers to come out.

Which photos are your favorites? Tell us in the comments below.