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Get Another Look at SIN CITY: A DAME TO KILL FOR in New Trailer

Get Another Look at SIN CITY: A DAME TO KILL FOR in New Trailer

Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller’s sequel to their 2005 outing, Sin City, has another bright and shiny new trailer to tantilze the masses, and though it’s light on new footage compared to the first one, the inner madness of Sin City: A Dame to Kill For is clearly alive and well, as evidenced by the slick-backed, noir-ized machinations taken from the graphic novels on which the movies are based.

Taking place before the doings in the original Sin City film (taken from Miller’s “The Big Fat Kill”), A Dame to Kill For follows Dwight as he’s hunted by the only woman he ever loved, Ava Lord. This, of course, immediately sends his life down a hellhole. Handily — considering Dwight was originally played by Clive Owen in the 2005 film — the film’s storyline also helps to explain how and why Dwight came to have such a different face. But his is just one of many, as the movie carries a seriously stacked cast to go along with its high-gloss action and stylized violence: Jessica Alba, Josh Brolin, Eva Green, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Bruce Willis, Mickey Rourke, Dennis Haysbert, Powers Boothe, Jamie King, Jeremy Piven, Juno Temple, Ray Liotta, Rosario Dawson, Stacy Keach, and Lady Gaga all appear in the flick, which opens August 22, 2014.

What are you most looking forward to in Sin City: A Dame to Kill For? Let us hear it in the comments.


  1. Jessica Duffy says:

    I’m sad that this got put into production hell due to casting Angelina Jolie but I’m happy they replaced her with Eva Greene.

  2. David Blane says:

    Better direction, eastwood as hartigan, tarantino directing the third one.