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Get an ORPHAN BLACK Season 1 Refresh with New Video

Get an ORPHAN BLACK Season 1 Refresh with New Video

If you’re not a member of Clone Club, don’t worry, we’ve got something special planned to get you hooked in the coming weeks. If you’re already a fan of the BBC America series Orphan Black but need a wee refresher, this post is for you. In preparation for the series’ second season premiere (of which we’ve seen the first four episodes, and: W-O-W), the network has released a nice little refresher video to remind you of the tangled web of clone comings-and-goings, brought to you by the series’ amazing lead actress, Tatiana Maslany.

Can’t quite remember all the foibles of poor Alison Hendrix? Need a reminder about the evolution of the relationship between Cosima and Delphine? Want to relieve Helena’s deadly confrontation with Sarah Manning? Need a bit more Felix in your life? Forget just who the heck that new pro-clone is and what the deal is now with Paul? Click play now and relive the most devious and delicious moments from the first season of Orphan Black to get you excited about the show’s April 19th premiere:

After that, click over and check out the spoiler-y trailer for season two, or learn about the latest clone to join the ranks.

Are you looking forward to Orphan Black‘s return? Let us know in the comments!