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Get a Sneak Peek at GIRLS Season 4 By Watching Lena Dunham Fall Off a Bike

Get a Sneak Peek at GIRLS Season 4 By Watching Lena Dunham Fall Off a Bike

Oh, that Lena Dunham. Or perhaps it’s more of an ‘Oh, that Hannah Horvath’ situation, depending on your ability to separate the the writer/actor/director/multi-hyphenate from her character. Dunham and her HBO comedy series, Girls, has divided a nation (OK maybe that’s overstating it a bit, but MAN sometimes it feels that way) for three seasons now. But if you thought her time of TV domination was done, ha ha, my friends. Ha ha indeed!

The fourth season of the series is underway, production-wise, and so Dunham Instagram and tweeted out a sneak peek teaser to get everyone excited for the Iowa-based hijinks of America’s favorite metaphorical Millennial punching bag.

It’s a simple, quick video that highlights exactly the sort of silly, bumbling mundanity we’ve come to love about the show’s at-times uncomfortable (and almost always incredibly selfish) look at coming into one’s own. A tipped-over Dunham/Horvath, unable to even ride a bike correctly, is exactly the sort of shenanigans we’d expect now that the series has moved their lead character into Serious Writer School territory. After all, there are just far fewer opportunities for Brooklyn-based hijinks in a state made of corn. We’re sure her “urban fish out of the dirty water” deal will make for some awkward and humorous comedy if nothing else.

We just selfishly wish there was a glimpse of upcoming guest stars Natasha Lyonne and/or Gillian Jacobs in the clip. Because admit it: aren’t you all — yes, even you Dunham-haters out there — the teeniest bit intrigued about their characters? (The answer is yes, obviously!)

So: who’s looking forward to Girls next season? Let us hear your thoughts in the comments.


  1. donovan says:

    I can’t stand that overhyped cunt. Her career is based on nepotism, the quality of her show dropped from “average” to “facepalm” and her believability is “vague” at best. I hope HBO will finally realise what kind of shitstain they have been wearing all along…