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Get A Look At The Next Episode of THE 100

Get A Look At The Next Episode of THE 100

The pilot episode of The CW’s latest drama, The 100 sets up a really cool world full of dangerous water snakes, lakes, vital reading bracelets and one waked out space station-based society floating among the stars. In the first episode, we watched as the group of 100 prisoners was sent down to earth under the guise of attempting to find out if 97 years is really enough time to repair the atmosphere after a nuclear holocaust. In truth, they were sent down in order to buy time for the Ark, which is running out of resources and only has a few months of oxygen left. When they land, the gang immediately begins exploring their new home and splitting into factions: the ones who want to complete their mission of finding food, and one who says “screw the Ark.” That’s all well and good until some of the gang begin removing their tracking bracelets, thus forcing the Ark to believe they’re dead. Needless to say, this doesn’t sit well with the crew on the Ark who lost communication with the gang during a harsh landing.

In the next episode, “Earth Skills,” we learn there may be more to someone’s shocking death when some of the gang go to find their friend and discover more secrets than they bargained for. Back on the Ark, Abby will do everything she can to learn the fate of her daughter, even if it means building herself an escape pod to go down to the surface.

The 100 airs Wednesdays at 9pm on The CW.


  1. ballsofsteel says:

    Just watched the pilot on netflix and I was really let down when I realized it was the only episode on there…. sad face….seems to have potential

  2. TennisballOntheAntenna says:

    Teens getting angsty in the woods.
    There’s an untapped mine of quality.

    Has anyone seen this show?
    Is it any good so far?