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Get A Look At The Next ARROW, ‘Seeing Red’

Get A Look At The Next ARROW, ‘Seeing Red’

When last we left the heroes of Starling City, Oliver had destroyed Slade’s last shot at replicating the Mirakuru serum when he blew up the applied sciences division of Queen Consolidated, or at least that’s what he thought. It wasn’t long before Slade attacked Oliver and the rest of Team Arrow at their home base underneath Verdant and stole the skeleton key device. With it, Slade was able to break into Star Labs and steal a piece of tech that allowed him to transfer the blood of now-captured Arrow ally Roy into the bodies of the twenty prisoners Slade set free. Now equipped with an army of evil super soldiers, the only chance Starling City has at standing against the grip of Deathstroke is the Arrow and his gang of vigilantes.

In the next episode, Roy awakens from his coma and spins into an all out rage as a result of the Mirakuru taking over the last of his mind. Oliver and his friends must now make a choice: do they stop Roy, or do they kill him?

Arrow airs Wednesday at 8/7c on The CW.