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Get a Look at the New Season of MYTHBUSTERS in a New Clip

Get a Look at the New Season of MYTHBUSTERS in a New Clip

We know you guys are super excited for the return of one of television’s best series, MythBusters. We know you’re excited, because we are too. It’s been a while since last we all got a dose of sciency goodness from the M5 crew, and to get us ready for the new summer run, Discovery has released an all new video with a bunch of explosion from the episode airing this week, “Fire In The Hole.” Check it out:

Does part of this remind anyone else of the most famous explosion in the history of the series?

Of course, neither’s as large as this sucker, but they’ll do nicely:

Point is, it definitely appears as if Mythbutsers is returning with a bang, pun totally intended. In the episode itself, the team will tacks the myths of “Could someone shoot a live grenade in midair and thus render it useless?, Is it possible to grip a grenade in such a way that it does not explode?, and, can you contain a TNT explosion inside an ordinary object?” That sounds like a good way to ring in a blockbuster episode run for the summer, especially when later in the season we’ll tackle questions like whether or not sunscreen’s flammable and if a hot water heater explosion can put out a fire.

Interesting stuff, team, very interesting stuff.

MythBusters returns this Thursday at 9pm.

What MythBusters explosion is your favorite? What myth are you most looking forward to seeing the team tackle this summer? Let us know in the comments below!