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Get a Glimpse of the Weather Wizard in the Latest Trailer for THE FLASH

Get a Glimpse of the Weather Wizard in the Latest Trailer for THE FLASH

Are you ready to ride the lightning? The Scarlet Speedster of Central City arrives at last on October 7. That’s when The Flash races onto the CW in the pilot episode of his brand spankin’ new series. Anyone who saw the pilot when it premiered at Comic-Con knows we’re in for a whole lotta goodness this autumn. In Grant Gustin, The Flash offers nothing less than the best pairing of actor and superhero since Robert Downey Jr. first donned Iron Man’s armon. Kudos to executive producers Greg Berlanti and Andrew Kreisberg for offering a bright, upbeat counterpoint (true to the sunny, blue-skies adventures in which Barry Allen took part when he was introduced in the 1950s) to Arrow‘s grimly serious vigilantism. (And at a time when rumors are goin’ round that Warner Brothers has decided to remove all humor from its DC films. Ugh. Don’t get me started.)

Hey, speaking of Arrow, Oliver Queen is featured in The Flash‘s latest trailer, as is the show’s first superfoe — The Weather Wizard. Enough of my yakkin’. Check out the goodness below.

As played by actor Chad Root, the Weather Wizard is referred to only by his real name of Clyde Mardon in this episode. But Kreisberg told me at this summer’s TCA press tour that Cisco that Barry’s buddy at STAR Labs (Carlos Valdes), will actually be christening the bad guys with proper supervillain names in the episodes that follow. Turns out that in addition to making Barry’s suit and gizmos, Cisco is the show’s resident fanboy and audience surrogate (kind of like Agent Coulson in The Avengers). C’mon, October, get here already!

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