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George R.R. Martin Will Kill You GAME OF THRONES-Style for $20,000

George R.R. Martin Will Kill You GAME OF THRONES-Style for $20,000

Dreams do come true — if you happen to have a spare $20,000 lying around. Because only that will give you the gruesome death you so desire from master of killing people (on paper), George R.R. Martin. For those measly 20Gs you, too, could get a direwolf head sewn onto your freshly-dead body or something equally as brutal.

The honor of dying by the pen of the Game of Thrones/A Song of Ice and Fire creator is reserved for top-tier philanthropists donating to Martin’s Prizeo crowdfunding campaign to raise money for the Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary. The Candy Kitchen, New Mexico (yes, that is a real place, apparently) respite for the particularly ferocious canines has long been a passion of Martin and his wife’s, and in an attempt to raise more money for the outfit, Martin has decided to auction off a bit of his murderous mind.

The winner will get to choose their character’s position in the fictional world (be they a lord, knight, king, queen, khaleesi, khal, smallfolk, wilding, maester, whore, sellsword, etc etc) and meet a death to merit the title of a particular [Insert Color Preference Here] Wedding.

Lucky for the rest of us, anyone who donates at all is automatically entered to win a tour of the wolf sanctuary, complete with dinner, conversation, and even a helicopter ride with the killer of all of the things we love (because valar morghulis). Other donation prizes include signed maps of Westeros, cookbooks of the Realm’s cuisine, scripts from the series, tickets to the season 5 premiere, and even Martin’s now-iconic hat.

So, we know that all men must die, but do we think all men will donate? Let’s hear your thoughts in the comments.


  1. thommilson says:

    I’d hate for G.R.R.M to kill me. He’d never finish the job.

  2. Borgguy says:

    all for a good cause but write the next book already! 

  3. Screw the wolves es, I need book 6!!