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George R.R. Martin Watches Fan Reaction to “The Red Wedding”

Yesterday, we read about the historical roots of the “Red Wedding” episode of Game of Thrones, as explained by George R.R. Martin himself. Conan, however, did that one better when Martin guested on last night’s show, having him watch a video of fans reacting to the fateful, shocking episode of Game of Thrones, not Conan. The latter is, indeed, shocking, but there’s a lot less death. It’s kind of genius to have a creator get to watch people reacting to his work.

Also from Wednesday night’s Conan, Martin talks about how he wants readers to feel:

And he responds to fans impatient for the next book:

What would you want to tell him about your reaction to the episode and what you want from the books and TV show? What would you ask him if you had the chance? Post below….

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  1. jeremy says:

    Hi :) if u want u can download game of thrones episode 10 –

  2. Mndrew says:

    Those of us who have read the books are a bunch of evil bastards for the amount of joy we took in the reactions of those who have not done so. I freely admit this, and revel in it.

  3. Glenda Hedden says:

    Best series EVER!