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George R.R. Martin Voices Himself in this ROBOT CHICKEN Clip

George R.R. Martin Voices Himself in this ROBOT CHICKEN Clip

George R.R. Martin doesn’t have it easy. As much as I want the remaining books in the A Song of Ice and Fire series to come out immediately, if not sooner, I understand Martin is under pressure. It’s not like he’s unaware that he’s writing at a pace slower than fans would like. Besides the desires of fans, he has a bigger problem: Game of Thrones is catching up with him. We’re looking at a strong possibility of seeing the ending of the epic fantasy series on television, not in the pages of books. Regardless of the stakes, Martin is able to poke at the issue, as evidenced by his upcoming appearance on Robot Chicken.

Martin voices himself in the episode, and a clip shows just how unpleasant a walk to the grocery store can be for the author. He steps out the door with a smile, but his happy expression disappears as he is approached by fans. They ask all the questions he’s surely assaulted with on a regular basis. When is the next book going to be finished? Who is Jon Snow’s mom? It all turns horrible in no time at all.

If the scene looks familiar to you, it’s because it’s a parody of the “trapped in a phone booth” moment from Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds. The determined fans in the Robot Chicken clip are a little too much like the assaulting birds in the horror movie.

While Martin may not experience this exact scenario, he probably gets harangued enough to be stressful. Part of me says, “Yeah, take THAT for killing ‘insert favorite character here,'” but that’s really not fair. If I were him, I’d get everything delivered to my home from groceries to new suspenders. It would be safer that way.

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  1. Cameron says:

    “Honey, I’m running to the store.” – George R.R. Martin, 1948-2014