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George C. Scott Hates Adam Sandler Movies

And frankly, I don’t blame him.

That was about my reaction. The horror…the horror.

Big huge props to Nerdist family member Paul Bonanno (@paulbonanno) for creating this hilarious video.

-Kanderson (TWITTERS)


  • Oh boy, i thought the movie in the trailer was a clip-smash-parody trailer, designed to show how awful and cookie cutter adam sandler movies are…… then i looked at adam sandler’s imdb…………

    May raptor jesus save us all.

  • I’m at a loss for words to describe just how terrible this movie looks. First of all, “from the producers of Grown Ups and Just Go With It…” that’s actually nothing to brag about; it’s something to be ashamed of. Those movies have scores of 10% and 18% on Rotten Tomatoes, respectively.
    Can we look forward to an Eddie Murphy/Adam Sandler multirole shitstorm coming to multiplexes next summer? There must be some demographic of morons out there who would like to see a Caligula level orgy scene involving those two in various roles getting it on.

  • I think I just died a little. No in fact I just died a lot. Who in their right minds thinks something like THAT is funny?

    Poor George C. Scott, I would have been the same. It’d have to be paid a LOT of money to make me go see that movie.

    And I see you lurking at the back there Peter Boyle…

  • Man, that was my exact reaction to the Zookeeper trailer, only the part that made me cry was the audience in the theater actually laughing. My brother added the finishing blow by turning to me and saying “see, people love it”

  • Good lord. OK, people. There are 2 givens in this world. Don’t ever make Pasta Salad when on Top Chef when up for elimination and don’t ever play a female version of yourself in a ciomedy. It hasn’t been done well since Tootsie. (Yes, Mrs. Doubtfire may not have exactly “sucked” but it owes everything to Tootsie, Milton Berle and Flip Wilson. Martin Lawrence isn’t funny nor is Eddie Murphy. It’s all dick & fart jokes, anyway. )

    Anyway, I am surprised that they didn’t get Kevin James to do this. Then again, that’s probably because he has a hard time eveing playing a real man in his movies, let alone an untalented and unfunny man in drag.

  • @Legos

    Sandler knows what he’s doing. He’s making lowbrow, middle of the road comedy because he wants to make a lot of money from people even he thinks are stupid. He draws away attention from the droves of comedians pouring their hearts into what they do without getting even a fraction of the attention Sandler receives.

    For that reason it’s important that people criticize comedians like Sandler and not support their movies. All in the hopes that one day we live in a country where Louis C.K. is god and Sandler has to actually try.

    Oh and Kyle thanks for posting this.

  • I’ll admit that film among his others looks dreadful. However I still believe that Billy Madison was hilarious and still one of the most quotable movies to date(at least in my circle of friends) I admit he should just stick to comedy albums. Better yet producing movies for awesome comedians with better ideas for movies.

  • anncoultersadamsapple, I couldn’t agree with you
    regarding Sandler’s cynicism and disdain, deliberate or otherwise for his “fans” by continually giving them his “cool dude” bulls&/t”and hoping they’ll buy it yet again. I was hoping that age would make him, if nothing else, too embarassed to keep playing the equivalent of a 13 year old, but age has just made him more desparate to hold on to that pathetic shtick cause that’s all he knows. Its one thing to have a 20 year old actor playing these roles, but a 45 year old? Its cringe worthy. And thanks for the Louis C.K. comparison, totally on point.
    He doesn’t have to tell you or show you he’s cool, its inate, not forced; cause that would be totally uncool, and totally unfunny,right Sandler?

  • It’s was funny ,at first I thought what the heck? Then I remembered that was taken from a G.C.S. movie called “hardcore” , he was looking for his missing daughter who somehow got into porn, and that was his reaction to him seeing a movie she made