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George & Brad Takei Launch New Web Series “IT TAKEIS TWO”

George & Brad Takei Launch New Web Series “IT TAKEIS TWO”

Who doesn’t love George Takei? Let’s be honest, the 77-year old actor/activist/icon is more often than not the very best thing on your Facebook news feed each day, and has been one of the loudest (and often funniest) voices in the struggle for marriage equality and LGBT rights in general over the past decade and a half. And of course, let’s not forget that he was also the helmsman for the Starship Enterprise for the better part of twenty-five years and the Captain of the U.S.S. Excelsior on Star Trek. He’s sort of like the greatest, most awesomest grandpa we all collectively wish was ours.

Now George Takei, along with his husband Brad Takei, have launched a new comedy web series called It Takeis Two (remember when I said he was the Grandpa we all wish we had? You know that’s totally a name your grandpa would have come up with).

According to the official description, It Takeis Two is a “heightened reality series featuring the couple as they navigate their daily lives, from the internet and Broadway, to jetpacks and human hamster balls. With a recipe that is one part optimism and one part pragmatism, this dynamic duo overcomes life’s obstacles, reminding us that any great ‘enterprise’ Takeis Two.”

In the first episode, titled “Seriously,” Brad discovers a “mean meme” of himself on George’s Facebook page and launches a mission to get it taken down, a mission that ultimately takes him to Google headquarters in New York City. To watch this episode and the ones that follow, you can subscribe to George Takei’s YouTube channel, or check out the first episode below: